About Us

No Wonder You Love Paper

The 'No Wonder You Love Paper' campaign is a global initiative designed to tell everyone about the great sustainability story behind Print and Paper.

It has been put together by Two Sides, an industry organisation set up to promote the responsible production and use of Print and Paper as a uniquely powerful and sustainable communications medium.

From newspapers to magazines, from photocopier paper to leaflets we believe Print and Paper cannot be beaten for sheer flexibility, style, impact and touch.

Add in the great environmental story and you have the perfect combination - all the special qualities that only paper can deliver and a wonderfully sustainable medium.

Through this website, through our advertising, through every means possible we want to spread the love for paper.

Two Sides

Two Sides is an organisation with membership spanning the whole graphic communications value chain, from paper suppliers to newspaper publishers; creating a forum for the industry to work together and share experiences; improving standards and practices; maximising customer confidence in Paper and Print.